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Hey Coffee Lovers,

We have some exciting news for you!  We now have a built in jar and store credit system.  We heard from many of you asking for a more transparent way of displaying jar returns and a way to share that with friends and family.

We are happy to announce that we have built that custom functionality into our Coffeecology.ca website.  Some of the highlights of this new system are:

  • Ability to use your jar returns as store credit to buy other coffee, tea & coffee gear!
  • Ability to send store credit via email to friends and family!
  • Redeem unused credit and keep it stored in your own personal account.

How does it work?

At the end of each month, we will apply the amount of jar we collected from your doorstep and apply it to your customer account.  Everytime we make changes to your account, you will receive a notification via email letting you know store credit has been applied to your account.

Please Note* Current Store refunds reflect jar returns from Jan 1st- March 1st, 2018.*


You can then use this credit to buy more coffee, tea or coffee gear on our website:

You can also share your jar refunds with friends & family:

 How to recover unused discount codes:


Some limitations:

Currently you cannot use your jar credits towards your ongoing coffee subscription from the front end of the website.  

** If you would prefer to just apply your jar credits to your subscription in the form of refunds please just email us and let us know and we will happy to accommodate.

Note*** Store credit/jar refunds does not expire.  



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