Free Shipping in Ontario on coffee orders over $45, Free Canada Wide Shipping on orders over $99. Orders received after Monday get roasted and filled in the following week.


Why Subscribe?

Subscribing to our fresh roasted coffee ensures you get the freshest coffee delivered to your door.  When you subscribe (no matter what frequency), we know your order is coming up and we roast coffee just for you.  Typically (depending where you live) our coffee is delivered to your door within just days of roasting.  

When will my regular delivery order be processed?

For most home delivery customers, orders are processed on Monday mornings.  That means you have up to Sunday at midnight to make any changes to your order.  

What day will my coffee be delivered?

It depends on where you live.  Most home delivery subscribers in Toronto will have their coffee delivered on Wednesdays.  Most Hamilton home delivery customers will have their order delivered on Friday's.  However, exceptions do exist.  We suggest you have a look at our delivery map.

What do I do with the empty mason jar when I am done with it?

Just leave it on your front door step:)  We will pick it up on your next scheduled delivery.  For customers living in apartment/condo buildings, you can leave with your concierge or get in touch with us at to discuss alternative options for returning jars.

How much is the deposit on the jar?  When do I get refunded?

The jar deposit is $1.  We typically do returns on a monthly basis.

What if I live outside your bike delivery areas?  Can you still deliver?

Yes absolutely!  We typically ship our coffee in bags via Canada post and depending where you live, most orders are delivered within 1-3 business days and we provide tracking numbers.  Most orders are shipped on wednesdays as that is when our coffee is the freshest!  

We charge a flat rate of $4.95 for shipping across Canada.  If you spend $49 or more then shipping is free!

What about the Coffee Mailer?  What is that?

This is our unique way of sending great tasting, fresh roasted coffee all across Canada for an affordable price.  For $17.90, you get 3/4lb of coffee and mail delivered to your door.  There is no tracking number for this product as we ship letter mail, hence the unique packaging.  You can subscribe to this product is on a weekly basis.