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Café Femenino – Pioneers of the #timesup Movement

      Hi, I’m Helen.  We may have already met in your neighbourhood as I’ve been talking about and serving our #justgoodcoffee. All of our coffee at Coffeecology is organic, fair-trade, shade-grown, locally roasted, delicious and delivered to your door by our sister company, Bikeables. While I enjoy all of our coffees, it’s no secret that I have a favourite among them--- Café Femenino Roasts from Peru.

So…. can I tell you about our coffee?

      It’s a familiar story, but one that should not be pushed aside or forgotten. After generations of inequality, financial oppression and neglect, a group of strong coffee growing women co-founded the Café Femenino Cooperative in 2004.  

      These remarkable women gave a voice to women growers fighting for the credit that they deserved, but often were denied, as producers.  The women became empowered and Cafe Femenino became a movement. 

      Women finally became recognized as an integral part of the production of the beans and caretakers of their land. As farmers, they started to receive a premium payment for their fair-trade organic coffee beans that they had always produced.

      With a new fair payment for their work, the women farmers could make moves and  buy their land. They could now officially obtain titles to land that their Mothers and Grandmothers  had always farmed on, and that their children could continue to farm on.  

      They have become vocal and strong leaders in their communities--- true pioneers.  Such an example to the Movements that we are fighting for today.  They are not only teaching their children, but they are showing the world that fair-trade matters.  That being recognized matters.  That equality matters.  That community matters.  

     But wait, there’s more!  Café Femenino doesn’t keep it all in their community.  They recognize that a strong community starts with the women in it, which is why it is important to them to give back and support the women in our communities.  The women who are buying their coffee, serving their coffee, drinking and loving their coffee.  They keep a portion of their proceeds within our Coffeecology community.  Through Coffeecology, Café Femenino supports SACHA – The Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton with a yearly donation.


“Sisters taking care of Sisters” --I am so proud of that.

      So, next time you are looking for delicious coffee that makes a difference, try our Café Femenino from Peru in two Roasts - Medium and Dark.  These coffees are mellow, easy drinking and are perfect to start your morning and/or drink all day long. 

If you would like more information on Café Femenino, get in touch with us at:
Café Femenino can be found online at
SACHA - The Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton – can be found online at
They offer 24-hour support services, counseling and advocacy.
 They also accept Donations.


Thanks for reading!  See you around the neighbourhood.


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